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Terms & Conditions

Article 1
The names and Sneakerpaleis are owned by us. Only we have the right to act under the names Sneakerpaleis and

Article 2
All our pictures are taken by our own team. We claim copyright to the photos made by us. The copyright is also valid for photos that we place on social media and other forms of advertising made by us.

We try to depict the products as well as possible in the pictures made by us.

Article 3
We only sell original products in original package(s), with the original content.

Article 4
As of 17 November 2019, we don't give any warranties on sold product on 17 November 2019 or after this date, because we held a final sale. After that the company will be sold or closed.

For products that is sold until 16 November 2019, the following rules are valid:
All our products come with 30 days warranty. Warranty requests after 30 days are not covered by us. You must send the product to Sneakerpaleis, and our team will assess whether the damage is within the warranty. We pay the money back when the damage is within the warranty. The customer has to pay the shipping cost for sending to Sneakerpaleis.

Warranty is void if:
- The product has been repaired by a third party without our consent.
- Changes to the product are made by the customer or a third party.
- The bill is not to show or illegible.
- The product is used for a purpose for which it was not intended.
- The product is returned not complete.

If the product or products are delivered damaged, you can make use of the right of return (see Article 8).

We have no warranty for the laces of shoes.

Pay attention!: We have no warranty for orders outside the European Union.

Article 5
All the brands we sell, does not belong to our property. We can not be held responsible for everything that the brand itself is responsible for.

Article 6
We reserve the right to change the content of the site and or supplement. This also applies to the commercials used by us (e.g. social media). We can not be appointed for changes and/or additions. You never have the right to receive compensation through a modified and/or supplemented content on the site or the ads used by us.

We will never inform our customers when we modificate and/or add someting on our website.

Article 7
We can not be held responsible for typographical errors and news errors that we make in the shop, social media and/or any other form of advertising. After discovering an error, we will change the error as soon as possible.

Article 8
As of 1 December 2019 we don't accept any returns, because we held a final sale. After the final sale, the company will be closed or sold.

Until 30 November 2019 the following rules are valid:
Only customers inside the European Union can return products. We have no return policy for customers outside the European Union.

A customer can return within 14 days after receiving, without reporting a return. If the customer reports a return within 14 days after receiving, than they have 28 days the time to return a return. Reporting a return can be done by mail to [email protected] The customer must adhere to the following rules:
- All returned products must not be worn or used (except fitting).
- The cost of returning must be payed by the customer.
- You are free to choose your own post and/or package delivery.
- The product should not be received damage by us. Damaged delivery by Sneakerpaleis itself, must be reported directly by email. The email address for this is [email protected] 
- The liability for the sending lies on the shipper until it is received by us.

We can ask for the send proof. We can need this to check the return date of the customer.

If the product is received correct by us, we pay back as soon as possible the amount that is paid to us. We usually try to repay the amount on the day that we receive the returned product or products. Processing a refund usually takes one day. With PayPal payments, the amount is directly on your account. The account number is the account which we refund you.

Article 9
You can cancel the purchase if we have not sent the product yet, after which we will book the amount paid to the account number. After sending you can use your right to return (see Article 8).

We will always contact you if the product have been ordered, but can not be delivered. After contact, we pay the amount directly back to you. You have no right for compensation.

We are liable for shipping until the product has been received by you.

You will be responsible for typos and other mistakes you make at checkout.

We are not responsible for late delivery by the post office.

Article 10
There may be different conditions for a specific product. These are then displayed on the product page.

Article 11
The general conditions forms part of any contract between the buyer and

Bergenvaardershof 20
1671 JD Medemblik
The Netherlands 


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